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Introduction to Class

This year in reading the sixth graders will utilize the Holt-Elements of Literature series in conjunction with selected novels. To be successful, students need to learn to think about what they read, to put together information from many sources, to communicate effectively in writing, and to analyze and solve problems. In other words, we want students to be readers, writers, and learners. I believe this anthology combined with novel study and skill builders will provide the tools needed to guide sixth graders through a world of literature and external image arrow-10x10.png competency to read well across the curriculum.

Materials Used

Holt - Student Anthology
Wordly Wise
Selected novels


Grading will be done on a point system, and the points will vary with the task. The students are shown how the points are earned prior to the completion of an assignment.

Quizzes- 10-30 points- unannounced quiz and 10-150 points- announced quiz
Tests- 150-400 points Most final evaluations of learning will be more formative than summative. Memorizing does not showcase learning.
Projects- Projects are usually divided into parts for completion and points will be assigned to each part. These projects will
involve preparation, design, and presentation. Many times the presentation will be using a technology tool chosen
by the student for final presentation, including embedding in this wiki.

Blogs, Wikis, and Podcasting, OH MY!

I will have a reading blog for the sixth grade as I have in years past. This provides a great platform for sharing and discussing novels the students are reading independently and in class. The collaboration adds strength to analyzing ideas and characters. The blog* and this reading wiki will be connected. The wiki will provide information, notes, directions, and most importantly a place for students to celebrate their learning. We will produce podcasts and other presentations to share our learning this year.

*Entries can be tweeted.

Contact Information

Please email me with any questions or concerns at debbie.stephens@woodward.edu and I will get an answer to you promptly.
My voicemail can be reached at 404-765-3763. I will return your call as quickly as possible. Follow me on Twitter @debbiest6 .and our class account @wnlearners.