At the end of the tour, I felt happy for Auggie and scared for him. I was happy that he was willing to try something new, even if he decided he didn't want to go to school, he still went on the tour. I felt that he should go to school and that he would get used to it, even he didn't want to. I felt scared for Auggie because I was afraid that he would encounter more people like Julian, but that he would have more friends like Jack and Charlotte. I think that no matter what obstacle Auggie runs into at school, he'll be able to overtake it.

I felt that September had been a little rough for Auggie, but that he would get used to it. The tour was a little hard for Auggie, considering that Julian hadn't been very nice to him, but he made more friends like Jack, Charlotte. I think that it made Auggie happy that Summer came from her table at lunch, where she sat with all of her friends, just to sit with Auggie. Also, Auggie wasn't used to waking up early and going to school, but I felt that he would get used to it. He also didn't like that he didn't get as much free time as he used to. I think that although September was a little rough for him, that he would be fine and get used to is as the year goes on.

I think that Auggie should go back to school. I think that if he goes back to school that it might help him forget about what happened. If he sits at home with nothing to do then he will just keep thinking about what Jack said, but if he goes to school he'll have other things to thing about. Going back to school and seeing Jack might also remind him about what Jack said, but i think that Auggie is better off going back to school. I think that if Auggie tells Jack that what he said hurt his feelings, than Jack will apologize. I feel that Auggie will be fine going back to school. Just because Jack might say he's not friends with Auggie, that doesn't mean all of his friends, like Summer and Charlotte, won't be his friends.

What did Via think of Auggie when she saw him for the first tie when he was born?
What is Via opinion about Auggie going to school?
Has Via ever been embarrassed to be seen in public or around her friends with Auggie?

I learned that Via knew that her parents had to focus on Auggie more than her sometimes, and unlike most kids she adapted to that and learned to do things on her own. She didn't complain because she knew there was no point, and she never asked her parents for help on homework. What amazed me most was that she didn't need anyone to tell her this, she just figured it out on her own. Also, I loved how she stood up for Auggie, whenever someone stared or whispered about him. Even though Auggie was used to it, she still told people to leave him alone. I know that if I were Auggie I would want my siblings to stand up for like Via did for Auggie.
Via's part about about Halloween differs from Auggie's because for her Halloween is a sad time of year, but for Auggie it is his favorite time of year. It is a sad time for Via because it is around the time that her grandma died and she was really close to her grandma. Even though Halloween is usually a happy time for kids, if my grandma died the day before Halloween I would be sad too. Halloween is Auggie's favorite time of year because he gets to wear a mask and costume, so nobody knows that it's him. He likes how when he is wearing his mask nobody treats him like they normally do, they treat him like an ordinary kid because they don't know know that it's Auggie under the mask.

The Justin part was important for us to read because it gave us a different perspective on how he saw Auggie. By reading Justin's part we were able to see how he sees Auggie, not how anyone else sees Auggie or how anyone else thinks he sees Auggie. If Via had said what she thought Justin saw than she would've said that Auggie looked like what Justin was expecting, because that's what he told Via, but actually Justin was shocked and surprised when he saw Auggie. Justin was expecting Auggie to be normal overall with a few scars from surgery, so when he saw Auggie, He was shocked. Also, by reading Justin's part, we could understand the differences between Via and her family and Justin and his family. Via's family is loving and slightly overprotective, while Justin's family was split up and they didn't give Justin very much attention, so he had to learn to do things on his own. Justin is just a regular person and the way he saw Auggie for the first time might be the way most people see him at first.

I think that Miranda feels absolutely happy because Via talks and acts the way she used to with Miranda. Miranda missed the way things used to be before high school, when she and Via were still friends. When high school started, they both went separate ways and drifted apart. They started hanging out with different people and didn't talk to each other very much. Miranda missed being best friends with Via and she missed seeing Auggie and his family. After the show, when Auggie and his parents asked Miranda if she wanted to go to dinner with them she said she couldn't, but then when Via told Miranda to go to dinner with them Miranda said yes. Miranda said yes because when Via told her to go with them she smiled at Miranda. Her smile was the way it used to be, when they were friends. When Via smiled her old smile, Miranda realized how nice Via's company was, she realized how much she had actually missed Via, and she thought that they could be friends again.

Protagonist- main character; good guy- Auggie
Antagonist- bad guy- Julian
Static- a character that does not change at all throughout the book- Charlotte, Summer, Julian, Mr. Brown
Dynamic- a character that changes- Amos, Jack, Miranda, Maya
Direct characterization- when the author directly tells you what a character is like
Indirect characterization- when the author uses conversation to describe someone- pg. 44

I think that if its important, a parent should investigate the truth. A parents role is to support a child and if he or she has done something wrong, a parent should try to help fix the problem and help the child to prevent things like that from happening in the future.

At school when a rule doesn't make sense to you, you should try to understand why they would have a rule like that and how it could benefit a student and his or her well-being. I can't think of a rule I would refuse to obey.