In my perspective no, Auggie isn't making a big deal out of being invited to birthday parties. Auggie has went through so much at a little age it's impossible to imagine. Though Auggie thinks of himself ordinary; we all know that the world dosen't. Auggie's body is diffrent from others he has twenty seven surgeries since he has been born. Other children might not understand Auggie's problems and judge him by his face. Invitations to parties will be judged by the way he looks; but that's not fair. Auggie isn't making a big deal who are, are the people who judge him by his face.
Yes, one or two times I have been offended by other classmates who invite all of your friends, but don't invite you on purpose. Then when all of your friends come back and talk about it you feel left out so in this case I can understand how Auggie feels.
No, I have not intended to hurt anyone on purpose or intentionally. When I have a birthday party I always invite all the people I hangout with so its basically a group. I dont talk much about it that way if I have hurt someone accidently it might not be that big of a deal.

August's mother is scared because her child is entering the steps of life. Since Auggie has some health problems she is scared to send her son into the world because sometimes there might not be supportive people to help Auggie because he's diffrent. Other students may treat Auggie differently than other students because of his issues, so his mother is starting to get worried about school. Auggie might feel left out or disappointed at school when no one wants to shake hands with him and be his friends knowing this his mom is starting to question her thought of August going to school. I wonder if August's mom's questiong will turn out true. Will there be a person hurting Auggie's feelings?

Feelings and emotion were hurt or cared for in this chapter. Charlotte and Jack were the ones who really cared for him while Julian like said in the chapter was a jerk. Julian intentionaly tried to hurt August but Charlotte and Jack really stood up for him. August's face is totally different from other students and because of that Julian is taking advantage by mocking him. Julian needs to grow up and understand whatever has happened with Auggie if he was in his shoes he may not even have the courage to be where Auggie is. The tour that the three students gave him was a very well describing tour. One thing I didn't like was Julian was hurting him because he has never been to a school I mean I think Auggie knows what an eraser is.

At the end of the chapter, Auggie says he wants to go to school that's what suprised me. After all what Julian said and did to Auggie, he still has courage to go to school. Julian was discusting and a total jerk but I guess that didn't affect Auggie's mind he knew that going to school was best for him in educational manner. I think also knowing there are supportive people like Charlotte and Jack who stood up for him changed his mind. August is very smart to know that not every kid will be like Julian so school might not seem to be as tough as he thought and being a smart child it's like a challenge he's willing to take.

Betrayal.....Betrayal fits perfectly in this perspective of what Jack Will has done. All this time Auggie thought of him as a helpful,kindful friend,but in reality he's a jerk just like Julian. Those boys don't know of how it feels to go through many problems, like he did and then not be accepted by other kids because of his face. I get the point that Jack Will was doing as the teacher had told him, but he should have told Auggie he was fulfilling the teachers job, and not trying to be true friends. Another part that really must of hurt Auggie a lot was that Jack Will just by himself was spreading rumors on him. The person he trusted the most turned on him, but like they say the truth always comes out. Since the boys were in haloween costumes they couldn't recognize Auggie, but Auggie could. Finding out this way of what a jerk Jack is was sad. What was also sad, was they ruined Auggie's best holiday Haloween.

The attitude, the emotion, and the careness from all students throughout the year might be the same for Auggie. Now since he has seen with his own eyes, Jack betraying him he's scared if just like him if he does gain friendship again with another student he'll break his trust too. If I were in Auggie's shoes, I would say yes, I would go back to school, but with consulting my mom, to tell a school teacher of the incident. I mean, if I didn't go to school all the kids would think I'm weak and ecspecially Julian and Jack, but instead of giving up I think Auggie should show he is stronger. Julian and Jack should be scolded by the school principal, the principal needs to know that these kids aren't who they seem to be but the total opposite. Both of these boys need to know its not funny taking bad behind someone's back, but actually very hurtful. If all of these circumstances happened and the boys learned their lesson then it might be ok, for Auggie to continue school.

Wonder carries among a lot of emotion from the starting of the story to the end of Part One. In part One I witnessed Auggie entering school, but I now realize there will be plenty of drama ahead in the story. Auggie was trying so hard to become good friends with Jack Will, but after the classroom "incident" he has seen the true inside of Jack Will. I learned even though you might think of a classmate as a friend you definitely have to make sure they are. Since Auggie trusted Jack Will he thought of him as a friend, but it was wrong to do so. I would like to share and tweet to all of Woodward Academy " to beware that some friends can easily turn on you, not telling you though, just like that." All students should try their best at friendship, but not if that "friend" isn't enough worthy for your friendship.

Auggie, Auggie and Auggie that's what Via is starting to believe. I'm starting to understand why Via thinks the Galaxy is changing and the planets are falling out of alignment. Since Auggie is the sun and the rest of the family are planets; Via's left out. She understands that Auggie has went through many surgeries and difficulties, but she believes her parents should spend at least a little bit of time for her. Now that Auggie is starting to change I think that the planets are having problems adjusting to Auggie's new world. The planets do surely want him to get used to this new world, but in my perspective, I think they are going to have to adjust to Auggie's world as much as Auggie should. Via surely is a strong girl and can understand Auggie's problems, but other planets should have time Via too. After all she is an ordinary girl.

The blanket is a cover up it helps Via understand that she's important too. Even though that blanket is just one line of words it makes Via feel important and cared for too. Grans had said " she loves Via more than anyone else in the world." Just those words covered Via. Whenever Via felt left out or unnecessary compared to August she most probably remembers that quote since Grans died. Grans probably knew that life won't be easy for Via, so when she came over to her house, she remebered to say her secret. Via's point of view feels like she is left out, and this quote will be a secret she always will remember.

If people were being rude to one your friends because of their face would you agree with them or not listen to them? Well, in this case Summer was a good friend and ignored the popular kids on what they were saying on her friend. Even though Savanna told Summer that they could join there "popular" group if she wasn't friends with Auggie;it didn't make a difference to Summer. She knew that Auggie was a good friend unlike them. I'm glad she didn't listen to them calling Auggie a "Freak"and "Zombie Kid" just because of the way he looks. In this case I would have done the same thing as her, just ignorned them because they really haven't even made an effort to really understand Auggie.

After reading all the messeges sent out because of the "incident" I have realized what type of people Melissa Albans and Lawrence Tushman are. Melissa is a very picky and fussy person. She hates Auggie for his face and not his personality. That being said, since she's the Vice principal of the school board she wants Auugie out of Beecher Prep and into an inclusion school. While August isn't a special needs kid. She definitely needs to understand Auggie and not judge him by his face. On the other hand is Mr.Tushman who is the complete opposite of Mrs.Albans. He is a well wisher for Auggie. He knows Auggie is diffrent but he's not a special needs child. He stands by his statement allowing August to stay at Beecher Prep. He wants to make everyone happy, but at situations like this he'll pick the right descison over wrong.

If you were August would you forgive Jack? Well to be honest I would, but only if it was a true apology and it came from his heart. Jack showed he wanted to be friends again by doing his normal actions as before being his friend,so I could tell Jack was really sorry for what he had said. August really had no friends in his regular classes except for Jack so that's who he would talk too. One thing I really wished that Jack would do was apologize in person rather than messages. It would really show how sorry he felt or if he even felt sorry for his actions. Jack really deserved an apology to Auggie and I'm glad Auggie accepted it!

Jack,Julian,or Neutral? That's the war's sides.Would you pick popular or right descison? In this case I would pick Neutrals. I know it was wrong for Jack to punch Julian and it was also wrong for Julian to convince basically all the cool kids that Jack had emotional problems. On the Neautral side I would still favor Jack. Though Jack punched Julian it wasn't right for Julian to be blabbering such nonsense on Auggie anyway. Like they say two wrongs don't make a right I support

February 19,2015
No! My decision is not to tell Mr.Tushman about the notes. If they tell him Mr. Tushman might not result in punishment for Julian because of his mother, so it wouldn't result for any good. Mrs. Albans is the Vice President of the School board so she might get her revenge on Mr.Tushman if he gave Julian punishment. Julian would also result in no good, he would make up other tales and lies on Jack so all the students in the war would be on his side. Julian, because of his popularity, might win the war even though he's wrong and Jack would feel embarrassed by everyone again. As I say again, no don't tell Mr.Tushman about the notes it results in more cons than pros.

February 20,2015
Family is the one thing that makes Via, Auggie,Mr.Pulman,and Mrs. Pulman stay together. To stick together everyone shows support it really helps; I have definitely learned this from Wonder.They really show they care for one another even though they go through many problems.Via is a very caring person, when Auggie told her about the incident of Halloween she understood rather than not caring or listening. Everyone works together and in a family; quarrels happen but this family moves on from them. If Auggie and his family have a fight or someone just had a bad day someone always goes too cheer a family member up like when Mrs. Pullman cheered Auggie up when he had a bad day.If you have fight would you rather care about being right or kind? This family always chooses kind and thats what families should do. Miranda, a family friend even feels secure and cared for around the Pulman friendly. She feels as if she is a member of the Pulman family. She gets the care from them, that not even her own mother can give her. Everyone needs love,care,protection and shelter and thats what a true family gives.