1/26/16- Once Jack, Charlotte, and Julian finished giving August the tour around the school, I was having mixed emotions about Julian. I felt bad for August. August first impression when he is touring his new school is a boy who is a "Eddie Haskel". I wonder how August's first day of school will go with Jack, Charlotte, and Julian. Will August get bullied or hurt by Julian.

2/1/16- Auggie's September at his new school is different for him. Auggie is not used to having to get up early, having quizzes, having no free time, and just having it be work all day. I think Auggie needs to adjust to his 'new' life and he might enjoy school and making new friends. Everyone is almost adjusted to the way he looks and that will make it easier for him to make friends.

2/3/16- Auggie has to make a big decision. Auggie should talk to Jack Will about what he heard. If Jack Will doesn't want to be Auggie's friend, then Auggie should go and make some new friends. Friends who were not asked by the principal to be nice to him. Auggie has Summer who has been a great friend so far and Auggie needs to meet some more friends like Sumer.

2/4/16- The questions I have about Via are-
What are Via's interest?
Is Via bullied?
Is Via popular?

2/10/16- What surprised me the most about Via is how difficult it was for Via to find a new group of friends. I just thought that Via would be the kind to find friends in a second. It was really suprising to me how hard it was for her.

2/10/16- Via's Halloween differed did not really differ from Auggie's because they both do not want to do anything because of their friends. So Via and Auggie were together on Halloween.

2/16/16- Jutsin's part was a very important part to the story. Justin's part shows us how a high school student would probably react to meeting August for the first time. Justin's part also tells us how the world sees August and not someone who sees him as a friend or a classmate. When Justin first met August he was shocked, we can see this on page 187 the first page of Justin's part. This is where the readers get to encounter the first empresstion August makes when he meets Justin for the first time. On page 189, Oliva is asking him about what his thoughts were about August. Justin sorta lies to cover up the truth. On page 198-199, Justin stands up for Jack after Jack explain to Justin the 'war' at school. After Jack leaves on the bus, Justin confronted the boys about messing with Jack. On page 203, the readers learn a little bit more about another character Oliva. Oliva says that she did not tell her parents about the show because she did not want them to go because if they went they would bring August. Oliva kind of admits she is a little embarrassed by August.

2/18/16- Miranda felt happy because she was going to get that feeling she gets when she is with Via and her family she will feel safety. On page 241, Miranda says she feels welcomed into Via's home she also says she feels safer there than any other place in the world. Miranda also felt happy because she and Via never hung out any more and she was missing Via's presence. I think Miranda also felt happy because Auggie was so happy to see her, Miranda felt good that she was missed by Auggie.

Protagonist-Main Character- Auggie
Antagonist-Bad Guy- Julian
Dynamic-A character who changes in the story-
Static-A characters who don't change during the story-
Direct Characterization-Directly tells about a character-
Indirect Characterization-Does not directly tell about a character-

Do you think parents should believe the stories their children tell, or should they investigate the truth when important matters are involved? Do you think a parent's role is to give a child emotional support even when he or she has done something wrong? Is there a point at which a parent may have to let society punish a child for wrong-doing?

Parents should always believe the stories their children tell, when important matters are involved they should definitely ask more questions, observe, and investigate. When a child has done something wrong it is their parents job to say this was wrong don't do it again, and to comfort the child in a time of need. So that could mean emotional support.