1/27/16 At the end of the grand tour I felt very excited to see more of Charlotte and the Jack in the book, because they seemed like they want to make friends with different people and after a while they opened up to Auggie. As for Jullian I already feel sorry for Auggie because he has to deal with Jullian. From what we have read so far Jullian seems that he is a school bully, very rude, and acts like a little angel when adults are around. I can see him being trouble in the future.

2/2/16 After reading the chapters in September I was very thrilled with school, except for the continous problem Jullian.When Auggie goes to lunch I was very scared that it would completely ruin his day because he was already expecting it to be bad, but he mad a new friend,Summer, and they even started a special group table. Also the friend he had already made, Jack, was being very nice. Many part in these chapters were very relatable to me because previously we had talked about that moment when you have to talk to your parents and you've had and rough day and you just break out crying. In one of these chapters Auggie experiences many things that were relatable to me.

.2/3/16 I think that Auggie should try school again. I would talk to Jack and tell him how I felt, but Auggie probably doesn't even want to see him again and is to afraid to express his anger. I think that Auggie will go back to school later in the book. I think some things that will convince him are that he has already experienced the thrill of school and doesn't want to quit. I also think that he will either end up telling his parents or they will somehow figure out and then they may convince him to return. Or possibly his parents may not want him to return to school because they are to scared that Auggie will get his feelings hurt again.

2/5/16 3 questions that I have about Via are . . .
1. How worried is she about Auggie really.
2. Is Via feeling that Auggie is getting all the attention
3. What is Via like at school

2/9/16 The biggest thing that surprised me most is how Via is feels that Auggie gets all the attention. Even though she has learned to deal with it is still a thing that she has to deal with at home and makes her feel bad. I did kind of fore shadow that this is how Via would feel. If Via was given more attention I feel that Auggie may also benefit because he would get some time just to do what he wants to do and not constantly be questioned. Another thing that surprised me is that Via's real name is Olivia and she prefers being called that.

2/9/16 Via's Halloween differs from Auggie's because hers starts out sad and becomes better as the day goes on. She has a bonding moment with her mom which is later disrupted by her mom having to go get Auggie because he is having issues at school. She also gives Auggie a pep talk about school. She also takes him to the Halloween parade when he is feeling down. Overall I think that Via's Halloween was pretty successful.

The reason that we needed to read Justin's chapter is because I felt like that we got an amazing insight to Via's family and even Jack. By reading Justin's chapter we needed to understand that Justin is a loyal friend who would do almost anything for Via. He also made an immediate connection with Jack because they both seem like they have the same issues. An example is when at first Justin is surprised that Jack can just walk across the street and buy his own gum and can catch the bus, but after he thinks about it he realizes that he did lot of the same things at Jacks age. I am also getting a sense that he will be a key part in another persons part, possibly Miranda's. Justin really enjoyed Via's family because his family seems like the exact opposite. He noticed a difference when Via's family would always say "I love you" and Justin's family really didn't do that.

2/18/16 I think that Miranda feels so happy is because throughout her chapter it seems that she wants to be friends with Via, but also has to decide popularity or true friendship. Some examples that Miranda shows are when she calls Auggie and tells him to tell Via that she misses her. I think that if Via had not gotten mad when she found out that Auggie didn't tell her that Miranda called they may have made up.She also purposely gave up her part so Via could preform. I think that she did this once she saw Auggie in the audience.


Protagonist -Normally the good guy and normally the main character-Auggie
Antagonist- The opposite of the protagonist- Julian
Internal conflict/External conflict
Static- A character who makes little or no change- Summer
Dynamic- A character who changes-Miranda
Indirect Characterization- By actions or thoughts example pg.44
Direct Characterization-Given a straight forward answer

. Do you think parents should believe the stories their children tell, or should they investigate the truth when important matters are involved? Do you think a parent's role is to give a child emotional support even when he or she has done something wrong? Is there a point at which a parent may have to let society punish a child for wrong-doing?
I think that a parent should believe the stories that their children tell to a certain extent but when important matters are involed the parents should probaly do some research for themselves. A parent should always give their children emotional support in a time of need even if they have misbehaved or done something wrong. There is always sometimes when a parent need to let itself punish their children because the parents may not alway be there when their child might be in trouble.

When a rule at school does not make sense to you, do you have the right to decide which rules you will obey and which you will not? Can you think of a rule you would refuse to obey? What would be the consequences?

Even if there is a rule that i do not agree with