At the end of the tour I wondered if Auggie liked his new school or disliked it. I think Auggie and Julian will not become friends but enemies and that Julian will make fun about Aggies face for the rest of the school year. I also like that Jack and Auggie will become good friends. Also that Charlette and Auggie will become friends but not as good friends as Jack and Auggie will become. I think the first couple weeks of school will tough for Auggie but eventually people will learn to except him and become friends with him (or enemies.)

I had mixed emotions at the end of September. I wondered if Aggie Classmates and other kids will accept Aggie or will they make Aggie feel uncomfortable at Beecher Prep. I think Summer was nice to Aggie during the first day at school during lunch by going sit with him after all of her friends clearly were making Aggie feel bad and unwanted at his new school. This probably caused Summer to lose some friends by sitting with Aggie. Will Aggie make more friends or not?

Aggie should confront Jack Will about what he did to him and if he didn't want to be his friend then he should of just told him so because know that Aggie learned the hard way he probably won't want to return to school. He should not tell his parents this and he should just talk with Jack Will. What will probably help Aggie to back to school is knowing that Summer is a true friend and wI'll not be mean to him because of his face. He might even think that Summer is not a true friend but I can tell by the way she acts that she is a true friend.

I wonder if Via ever feels like she is not important because of Aggie? Who are her friends? Do people ever make fun of her because of her brother at school or do they not know about him? Does she feel that she needs to always be there for him or does she feel that he needs to stand up for himself? These are just some of the questions that I have about Via.

I have many things surprised my about Via. What most surprised me about Olivia is how independent she was, and that she didn't get a lot of attention and when she did it dot messed up because of Aggie. One reason she is independent is she rode subway by herself for the first time without telling her parents. One example of when she did not get attention was when she and her mother were about to watch a movie then Via moth got a call from school and she had to pick up Aggie because "his stomach hurt." That was one of the most surprising things that I learned about Via.

Thier Halloween different in many different ways. August lost the a friend he never had and Via lost two friends that changed over the summer. Via didn't go to school at all on Halloween and Aggie went part of the because Jack Will was talking behind his back about him. The only similarity they had was that they both had a terrible Halloween but for Aggie it was worse because it was the one day of the year he could be like everyone else and nobody would stare at him.

Justin plays a small but big part to the story. He gave us a missing links to Via's "Oliva's" part in the novel, the part when she started crying and when she didn't tell her parents about the play. Another missing link we would of never learned was the part where they were practicing Justin's lines on the stairs in front of the Pullman house. Also I learned how the got Darth Daisy. Also I think he enjoys being with the Pullmans because he doesn't have anyone to really care about him. His parents are divorced. They are not involved at all and he probaly feels like his parents aren't even alive. So he probaly feels like the Pullmans are his family. That is probaly why he stood up for Jack because he felt like he had to. These are the reasons why Justin's part is important to the story.

Miranda was happy in the first time in forever. This was because her and Olivia's friendship was back how it used to be. Also because Olivia was not at all mad at her and was insisting that Miranda come to her house. I also think it was because it had been a long time since she felt like she had someone who really cared for her. Also after the summer at camp with all the lies she told everyone there I think she felt jealous for what Via had. Also at a new school she probaly wanted to do the same thing that she did at camp but after a while she probaly started to miss her old life so she let Via have the lead role. Thats when Via and Oliva knew they would be friends again.


main character
involed in conflict

bad guy

does not change throughout the novel stays the same

changes throughout the book

direct-when author directly tells you about the person

Indirect-when author uses conversation to describe someone


1. Do you think parents should believe the stories their children tell, or should they investigate the truth when important matters are involved? Do you think a parent's role is to give a child emotional support even when he or she has done something wrong? Is there a point at which a parent may have to let society punish a child for wrong-doing?

2. When a rule at school does not make sense to you, do you have the right to decide which rules you will obey and which you will not? Can you think of a rule you would refuse to obey? What would be the consequences?

  • parents should believe the stories their children tel,l but they should also investigate a little bit if it is something serious
  • it is a parents job to give a child emotional support even if a child does something wrong, but they should also make sure the child doesn't do it again
  • if a child does something really bad a parent would have to let society punish a child for wrong-doing
  • when school does not make sense you still need to obey the rules
  • I would refuse to be split up from my friends in aftercare.