General Accelerated Reader Guidelines


1. No testing is allowed for any book not signed into your reading log and shown as completed. You must take the test immediately when you complete it.
NEVER take a test over a book you read at another time other than that grading period as shown on your log.
2. All tests are monitored and initialed by the monitor on your reading log.
3. No talking or standing near computers when someone is testing.
4. No test can be retaken.

Reading Log-

1. Always keep your log up to date. Have it with you and open to the log when you are having SSR.
2. Every book on your log should show the reading range and points for the book.
*If you are reading a book out of your range, you must discuss it with me first.
3. You can sign in a book and change your mind up to three times in a nine week grading period.


1. Log in and click View Reports. You can choose what grading period you want to see by using the drop down menu.
You can view specific grading periods or the whole school year.
2. You can also View Goals and Points to see how you are doing toward your assigned point goal.


The first grading period requirement is to complete 1 books in your range and age appropriate (or approved by me) with at least 85% accuracy.

Titles, Authors, Points, and Book Levels-

You can find all of this information on the AR site. You can also use the Bookfinder site for the best advanced research on books.