Novel Study

Meet Salva

Refugee Camps

Ted Talk- How to Help Refugees Rebuild their World


1. Research Sudan and southern Sudan to help us connect to our setting in this novel. Add your facts, links, or images to the "board" .Make sure you review other shared facts to learn and to prevent sharing the same fact. Click to add on the Padlet board and be sure to include your name.
2. Click this link to go to our Google Doc on the Sudanese Civil Wars. Read and share ideas and feelings.



Zaatari camp for Syrian refugees in JordanThis is an image of a present day refugee camp. How many Syrians are in refugee camps today? What can be done for them? Since you are reading a novel with a character, Salva, facing life in a camp like the one above, do you think the U.S. should get involved? Why? How?
What questions would you ask the United Nations if you could?
How can this happen in our world?

Letter to Author

Write a letter to Linda Sue Parks. What would you like to tell her? What questions do you still have? Did you enjoy the dual narratives? Why or why not? How and why did she create the fictional story of Nya? Tell if you liked this style of writing or not and why. Would you like to read more about these characters and why or why not? Share a favorite quote or part of the story with her. Tell her what you learned.
Directions- Use the friendly letter format. Your letter should be approximately 3 paragraphs full of information. Complete this letter, print, and sign after you save it in your network folder as Letter to Parks. This assignment is due Friday, 9/27.

Evaluation for letter is based on using specific parts and pieces of the novel to support your ideas to Ms. Parks.

Final Project

What will you take away from our novel?

Sudan girls article